Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing Challenge: Word Roots

The root of my choosing is "Mort-"/"Mori-". "Mort" means death.
post mortam

"These injuries occurred post mortam." He said pointing to three separate fractures: one to the skull, one to the mandible and another to the pelvis. At the opposite side of the building, the witness to this horrible murder sat in the conference room, mortified. 
"Listen. I know you are still in shock." Booth said. "But we need all the information we can get."

"I know that this memory can be moribund but you have to help. Trust me. I'm a psychologist." said Sweets. 

"O-okay. It just...It just happened so fast!" said the young girl who happened to have, unfortunately, witnessed the departure of the poor victim.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Wild and Precious Life

What I will do with my wild and precious life is to become an actor or a lawyer. I will go to school and college to be able to work. Afterwards, I would like to just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. I want to become an amazing actor or lawyer and then retire. I want to be remembered as a great actor. I would love to be an actor/lawyer because I love to act  and I love to argue. I also want to do many other things.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Minus 5

Minus 5
“Mr. Mellow! Stop doodling and pay attention!” Mr. Rivera demanded as Owen sat at his desk, scribbling angrily on a crumbled up piece of paper. Owen put the pencil down and slumped back into his chair. He sighed. “As I was saying, you will be taking notes as this video plays. You will have a quiz on Wednesday.” Owen reached for his pencil.
“Hey Brian. Can I, ummmm, have a piece of paper?” Owen asked.
“Just take it!” said Brian thrusting a clean white sheet of paper in Owen’s direction with a look that could make anyone’s blood run cold. The bell rung.
“Whoops! Sorry, lost track of time, guys! We will resume this tomorrow and remember. You have a quiz on Wednesday!” Owen grabbed his belongings.
Gym.” Owen thought. He walked down the stairs and passed a few friendly faces. When he got to the gymnasium, Mr. Strong seemed in a good mood.
“Hey there, Mellow!” He greeted Owen with such enthusiasm. “We are playing basketball today!” Owen rushed into the locker room, carrying a pencil case, textbook and notebook. Owen quickly got dressed and rushed into the gym. He looked around. Brian was sitting about 15 feet away with eyes like daggers. Mr. Strong blew his whistle, ordering students to basketball courts.
“Mellow versus Smithe. Court 3.” Mr. Strong ordered. Mr. Strong was a tall, young man. He was in his mid-twenty’s and had a heart-shaped face. He was exceptionally handsome and always had a smile. He was married, which was a shock to some people due to his age. Owen and Brian walked to court three together, neither boy said a word.
About a half hour later, Owen was free and out the door. School was over. Owen rushed across the street. There, with three other boys who Owen did not know, was Brian. Owen walked with caution as he drew nearer towards them. He kept his head down, staring at his gray, raggedy shoes.
“Hey there.” One of the boys said. Owen didn’t look up. “I’m talking to you.” the boy stated. Owen kept his feet moving and didn’t stop. The boy took a step closer to Owen, which made Owen nervous. The second boy took a step too, making Owen feel outnumbered, which he was. The first boy swung at Owen, knocking Owen to the ground. The group of boys walked away, leaving him on the ground, in pain. He managed to get to his feet and he picked up his things. He started to walk when a rushing black van drove by on the street behind him,  making loud noises when the wheels came in contact with the road. Startled, Owen quickened his pace. The black van made it’s way around, now on the street in front of Owen. Fearing for his life, he started to walk even faster. The van drove past, casually. Owen sighed. He started to walk down the street when an unknown figure who was wearing a mask, pushed Owen into an unknown vehicle. He fought back, kicking his legs and clawing in random directions. The man put a wet cloth on the lower part of Owen’s face. Then everything went dark. Time passed. Owen’s eyes flashed open, the brightness of the day stinging his eyes. A male voice was speaking. Owen had heard the voice before, very recently. The man was speaking but Owen wasn’t listening. He was too busy trying to figure out where he was. He tried to stand only to be pulled back down by the chains wrapped around his wrists and ankles and the rope tied all around him.
“Help! Help! Someone! Anyone!” he shouted, hoping that this was only a dream.                         
“Settle down now.” The voice said. “It’s gonna be okay as long as you settle down.” The man stated as he stepped out of the shadows of the basement. He was still wearing a mask and was now holding a polaroid camera. “Hold still.” He snapped a picture of Owen shackled up in what looked like to be a basement. “Pose.” The camera’s flash went off. Owen fell on his side, unable to get back into his original position. “Good. Good!” Flash. Tears slipped from Owen’s eyes.
“Please. Please.” Owen begged. The man walked over to him and rolled him over, making him face the ceiling. Owen wept as the man took more pictures, the flash blinding him.
“Don’t worry. I’ll be back for more. I must go add these to the others.” he said as he took the camera and walked into the darkness. Owen once again tried to sit up, only to fail and to hit his head against the concrete floor. He looked around. He looked at the chains and the rope. The chains needed a key and the rope looked like the kind he had climbed in 6th grade for gym class.
“I’m back! Did you miss me?” He was not wearing his mask. Owen looked at the man. He couldn’t believe his eyes. How could Mr. Strong do this to him? “Woops! Forgot my mask! Oh well. I guess you would have found out sooner or later.” He was holding a tray that had a sandwich and a glass of apple juice. “Eat up. You’ll need the energy for more pictures!” He put the tray on the ground and was about to walk away when he remembered. “Oh yeah. The ropes. Oops! This is my first time. Can you tell?” He walked over and unwrapped the ropes. Owen reacted quickly, thrusting his elbow into the man’s thigh. Mr. Strong bent down to grab Owen but he was too fast, even shackled up. Mr. Strong dove in an attempt to catch Owen only to miss and fall of the ground. Owen quickly ran over and checked the man’s pockets. He grabbed a set of keys and quickly threw them across the room. Mr. Strong arose and caught Owen. He set him back into place and wrapped the rope around him once more.
“How dare you! I have treated with nothing but respect and this is how you repay me?” Mr. Strong then kicked the meal he had just prepared across the room. “No supper.” With a busted lip, he grabbed a chair and took a seat. “No more misbehavin’ ya hear?” About an hour later, Owen was starting to get tired of the snoring. Mr. Strong had fallen asleep. “Perfect chance!” he thought. He eyed the spot where he had thrown the keys. Slowly, very, very, slowly, Owen crawled toward the keys. The chains rattled. Panicked, Owen lay still for about ten minutes. Again he began to crawl. He crawled for about an hour and a half before he had reached them. “So close!” He was still tangled in the rope. “The key!” He used the key to cut himself out of the rope, then the chains. He was free. “Now to sneak pass this psychopath.” Owen thought. Owen walked into the darkness, tripping over the stairs. He ran up the stairs. When he ran into the door, he felt it up and down, searching for the doorknob. When he found it he twisted it. The door opened revealing the brightness of the day. He ran to the front door, struggling to open it. He undid the lock. Once the door was open he ran to the closest house.
“Help me! Help me! There’s this psycho who was taking pictures of me! He kept me in his basement! Help me!” Thinking of what had just happened to him made him tear up. The neighbor called the police. He was safe now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Matthew slinked into room 302, the science room. He scurried to his desk as quickly and quietly as a mouse. He glanced at the board. His eyes widened, his face fell. In big black letters, written with a squeaky Expo marker, was: "Science Partners". He had scanned the long list of names for his name. It took a while but he found it in the second to last row. He looked over to see who he was going to have to work with. There, written in sloppy handwriting from Mrs. Eboch, his science teacher was the name Joe. "Joe?" He thought. They'd seen each other around in the halls and maybe a few times at lunch, but they never really talked. He peered at Joe a few desks down. His eyes met with Matthew’s and his face grew a wide grin. "This is going to be great." he mouthed. Matthew nodded and faked a smile. "This isn't going to go well." he thought as he lay his head on the desk hiding his face with crossed arms in disappointment.
"Alright class!” Mrs. Eboch said over the loud buzz of the classroom. “Settle down!” As the class calmed, she went over the assignment. “You and your partner…” Joe looked at Matthew with two thumbs up and a beaming smile. “...will be making a 3D model of a volcano.It should be accompanied by information of the volcano on some kind of paper. ” Matthew groaned. “How cliche.” He thought.
“Sweet!” exclaimed Joe, interrupting the teacher.
“Excuse me. Joseph was that the appropriate thing to do?” She glared at him.
“No ma'am.” he responded. Mrs. Eboch went on to explain the project but Matthew wasn’t listening. He was too busy coming up with ideas on how to get out assignment on a slip of paper.

1. fake being sick which ends in us not meeting up to do the project
2. ask mom to excuse me from the volcano project
3. Go to Grammy’s “funeral”
4.Just do the project

“Excuse me Mr. Reed!”

He jumped up startled. “Y-yes?” He asked as he felt the class staring at him. He felt his cheeks get warm. His face turned many different shades of pink.

“What do you think you’re doing, sleeping in my class?”

“I-I’m sorry.” He whispered, embarrassed.

“Now let’s meet up with our partners…” the teacher announced.

Joe rushed over to Matthew’s desk, with a little too much excitement.

“Hi Matt!” he exclaimed, still grinning from ear to ear.

“Hey Joe.” Matt said, emotionless.

“What’s wrong?” questioned Joe.

“Oh, um. Nothing. Just...tired.” Matthew responded.

“Oh. Well, a recent study shows that an average 13 year old boy needs at least eleven to thirteen hours of sleep every night.” Joe stated, matter-of-factly.

Matthew’s eyes rolled to the back of his head in annoyance. He caught himself before Joe saw.

“So! How do you want to do this?” asked Joe, sitting down next to Matthew. He scooted closer, which made Matthew feel a little uncomfortable.

“Um, you can make the volcano and I can just write the information on a poster board? Or vice-versa.” Matthew suggested.

“Okay… Is it me or do you not want to do this or not?

“What? Of course I do!” he said, quickly.

“So, we’ll do it at my house?” asked Joe.

“Sounds good.”

    Matthew arrived to a mint green cottage. It was small, yet cozy. The yard was freshly mowed and the trees were showing the transformation of fall. Matthew walked up the front steps and knocked on the door. Almost instantly, Joe opened the door.

“Come on in!” When Matthew walked in, there were supplies covering Joe’s kitchen table. Maybe Matthew will enjoy this.

:”Come on, let’s do this!” Matthew said with genuine excitement. This left Joe with a happy grin. They got to work and quicker than expected, they were finished. The next day, they handed in their project in which they had actual fun doing. A couple of kids presented and then Joe and Matthew. They got up said some stuff about their project, and then something happened. The volcano exploded and deep red color! This shocked Matthew, but he really kind of enjoyed it.

“Maybe,” Matthew thought, “I just made a new best friend.” He smiled at Joe who smiled back

Monday, November 2, 2015

Matthew slinked into room 302, the science room. He scurried to his desk, as quickly and quietly as a mouse. He glanced at the board. His eyes widened, his face fell. In big black letters, written with a squeaky expo marker, was "Science Partners".

I chose these sentances because I think it shows what ki d of person Matthew is. It also hints at the plot.